Bridal Salon

from by mertlpax



what size do you have in mind?

what size?
uhm... she's not huge... she's not bony either,
she's got flesh on her finger...

something... simple but elegant?

simple but elegant, exactly

like... this one?

oh my god that's beautiful, that is beautiful,
that's the most beautiful thing i ever saw...

so what is that gonna cost me?
i like it

fifty-five thousand

fifty-five-thousand dollars you said?
uh (cough)

well let me take this off then, because...
i don't, i don't think that actually as i look at it,
it's really, um,
to skylar's tastes, it's kinda tacky,
i mean, she's not a mafia bride.

will you help me out?

well here's a lovely one...

that is, that is pretty
what is that going to cost me,
about fifteen hundred, two thousand?

eight thousand

eight thousand dollars?
uhm... that's more in the ballpark.
the right neighborhood
not my neighborhood, but...

what the hell, what hell, right?
cause we're getting married!

you know it's pretty!

it's an absolutely exquisit ring...


from Crush, released December 7, 2016



all rights reserved


mertlpax Austria

my name is max, i am 16 years old and i enjoy creating music.

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